About ProLanguage Interpreters, LLC

Anne Hernandez

I was born in Lima, Peru, South America but the Peruvian jungle was my home for 15 years with the Conibo-Shipibo tribes. Helping my mother in her clinic caring for the indigenous Peruvians fostered the desire to help those in need of medical treatment. I have since returned twice on humanitarian visits.

This continued desire to help others found expression in interpreting for the medical needs of the injured workers here in the greater Portland area. My motivation is to help injured workers receive the best care possible.Portland has been my home since 1985, where I live with my husband, five children and two grandchildren. Over the years, I have volunteered for ESL programs and interpreted for several medical providers at a free clinic. On trips to Perú, I interpreted for work crews receiving instructions on sanitation/health issues and for a women's health seminar. Conducted entrepreneurial workshops for indigenous women in Spanish and Conibo. I have been a professional Spanish Language Interpreter since 2000.

I started Anne Hernandez Spanish Interpreters in 2008. We have changed our name to ProLanguage Interpreters, LLC to reflect our expansion into other languages. To meet growing needs in the Portland metro area, we continue to add professional interpreters as needs arise.

ProLanguage Interpreters, LLC is focused on providing quality professional service and client satisfaction. Our interpreters come along side your staff to provide the best possible care to the injured worker and help them get back to work as soon as possible. ProLanguage Interpreters, LLC works hard to meet your interpreting needs.